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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

5 best uses of honey for skin care purposes

Honey is known as a natural herb, widely accepted in all types of naturopathy and other organic skin treatment. Today there are not a lot of options available, specially when you look after feasible and natural ways to take care of your skin. Well, here we are going to talk about 5 best uses of honey that will help you soothe and flourish your skin. Let's start.

best uses of honey in skin care

Pure honey is extracted from beehives and further processed to remove impurities. Today, it is nearly impossible to get a hold of pure honey as most brands mix other chemical emoluments to increase the quantity of the mixture. In case you get yourself the pure honey packaging, it will be best for your gut and skin health purposes. Wonder how? Here are 5 best uses of honey-

1. In eliminating the dead cells

Honey is known to have anti bacterial properties. It cleans off your dead cells, bacterias and other germs from your face. It does so by pulling out the top skin layer and you are left with the fresh glowing skin. Make sure you use a substantial amount of honey as the excess of it can produce harsh skin and rashes.

2. Softening the skin

Honey does not only removes your skin dead cells but it also softens your skin. Honey is known to have natural softeners that allow your skin to remain soft even a day after application. Make sure you gently rub a proper amount of honey on your skin before bathing and see the magic !!

3. Restoring the moisture

Last but not the least is the moisture restoration property of the pure honey. Many people with dry skin often complaint of their skin becoming harsh and spotty hours after they bath. Well, in that case, honey is a great use to them. It restores the moisture in your skin cells and make your skin lively. Also, it has properties like an essential natural oil ( important oils for beard growth) that accumulates your skin moisture and overall skin health.

4. Unwanted hair removal

Honey does not only get you a moisturised skin but it also aids in unwanted hair removal. Try to mix honey with turmeric and see the wonders. It weakens your hair follicles and gradually damages your unwanted hair from its roots. It is worth knowing that honey counts as one of very few greatest natural hair removal remedies. As a result you get a clean, grassless skin.

5. Glowing skin

Since ancient times, honey is known as an important herb to treat various health problems. While a tsp of honey with lemon and hot water aids in weight loss, a tsp of honey every morning with tulsi leaves keeps your gut healthy and makes your skin glow. The modus operandi is its unique way to make important nutrients reach your skin cells really fast.

These were 5 awesome properties of honey. You can use honey in various demeanour to get access to various skin advantages. In case you have a question or, suggestion - feel free to comment down below.


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